Bhaikaka Library

Prosperity of nation depends mainly on its educated class - Sardar Patel                         All make mistakes but those who learn from a mistake make progress - Sardar Patel. An Institution shines only when its ideals are practiced - Sardar Patel

Bird Eye View of Bhaikaka Library

The pioneer of Bhaikaka Library was Shri Bhailalbhai Patel(Bhaiakaka), who established this library at Vitthalbhai Patel Science college in 1955.The opening ceremony of Bhaikaka Library was performed by Prime Minister shri Lal Bahadur Shastri in 1964, 31st of October. Bhaikaka library is the prime source for the students, researchers and all the faculties of Post Graduate Deparments of Sardar Patel University and its affiliated colleges. 
As it is well known that Bhaikaka Library is the University Library of Sardar Patel University, all Departmental libraries are under the umbrella of Bhaikaka Library including National Board of Mathematics of Higher Mathematics (NBHMWestern region library at P.G. Department of Mathematics of Sardar Patel University. Bhaikaka Library is computerized and accessible via OPAC. Automation is carried out with the help of SOUL2.0 Software. It has the open access system for members of the library.

Bhaikaka Library spread over the 10720 sq. ft. with two reading rooms having the area of 4160 sq.ft.and the seating capacity of 700+ readers, which includes separate reading room for facility for female readers. Bhaikaka Library has 5 stacks containing over 2.5 lacs of collection, which includes Books, Bound Volumes and Journals/periodicals, Thesis, Dissertations Pamphlets, Maps, and non book materials.