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Welcome to Sardar Patel University

In deciding to apply to Sardar Patel University for admission, you have exercised an important option, and you need to know why this is so.

Sardar Patel University is: 
  • A living monument raised to perpetuate the sacred memory of Sardar Patel, the architect of modern united India.
  • The first rural and residential university in India that has made unprecedented contribution to the deferential pursuit of knowledge, research etc.
  •  The first among the universities in Gujarat and Rajasthan to have received a four-star rating closer in points to five-star rating from NAAC, Bangalore.
  • A university wherein 11 of its 25 Postgraduate Departments recognised by the UGC under its ongoing SAP (DRS), COSIST, FIST etc programmes up to 2009-2010.
  • One of the 17 universities out of a total of nearly 325 in the country and the only university in Gujarat to have bagged the prestigious title of a Centre for Excellence.
  • The first university to have set up a Community Radio Station and to have started broadcasting programmes regularly.
  • A university that has persistently served rural populace and yet kept in pace with the developments at the international level in modern disciplines like applied polymers, IT, biotechnology, genetics, nano technology etc as a part of its curricula. a university many of whose teachers have been taken note of and/or recognised at the national and international levels.
  • A university recommended by the UGC Visiting Committee under the X-Plan for being upgraded into a central university due to its love of excellence.

Surely, all of these achievements it has made, coupled with the fact that it is located in Vallabh Vidyanagar, is what makes this University one of the kind where you would feel comfortable in studying.