Academic Programmes

Theory Papers

Since 1991, USIC runs 1 year (2 semesters ) Post B.Sc. Diploma in Instrumentation course which covers total 8 theory papers alongwith the practicals and projects. The details of the course is as under.

DIN 101: Vacuum Instruments
Subject provides information about fundamentals, properties and applications of vacuum science and technology, Different types of pumps used for creation of vacuum, leak detection techniques, pressure measurement gauges and mechanical measurements are covered.

DIN 102 : Electrical Technology and measuring Instruments.
This subject introduces knowledge about power distribution, different kinds of motors and stabilizers, switches, thermostates, Introduction and maintenance of refrigeration systems, Break Down Voltage Testing, Different kinds of transducers, CRO , Recorders etc.

DIN 103 : Analog and Digital Controls.
This subject furnishes information about types and characteristics of control system which covers ON/OFF, Proportional, Derivative, Integral, and PID controllers. Apart from this detailed study of Analog and Digital Control systems is undertaken using different sensors and actuators.

DIN 104: Industrial and Consumer Electronics
This subject covers details of various Power Supplies such as Linear and SMPS using Voltages Regulators, PWM techniques. Industrial applications such as Electric Arc furnaces, maintenance of Colour/ Black and White TV, VCP, VCR, and introduction of Telecommunication systems is being covered .

Theory Papers

DIN 201 : Analytical Instruments.
This subject provides introduction to various types of Analytical Instruments such as Spectrophotometer, pH meter, Flame photometers, Colorimeters, Gas chromatography etc. Thermogravimetric analysis, Environmental pollution monitoring instruments, Optical Instruments, and centrifuge systems are also included as theoretical study.

DIN 202: Biomedical Instruments.
The subject provides a general overview of different Bio-medical Instruments such as ECG, EEG, X-Ray, Blood Pressure Measurements, Surgical Diathermy Instruments, Dialyzers along with basic transducers used for these instruments. Also the syllabus covers a basic understanding of how to repair and maintain these types of equipments.

DIN 203: Microprocessor Interfacing
This subject imparts knowledge of basic 8085 Microprocessor, its interrupt mechanism, basic interfacing techniques and other peripheral devices such as 8255, 8279, 8155, 8259, 8253 etc. Industrial applications using Microprocessors is also explained during the course. Students are supposed to write and test various software routines as course material to develop the assembly language programming skill.

DIN 204: Maintenance and Service of Personal Computers .
Basic understanding of hardware components of PC such as Mother Board, HardDisk Drives, Floppy disk drives, Keyboard, Printer etc is covered. Also an overview of DOS operating System is explained.

Practical and Project Work

Students are supposed to perform about 12 Practicals / Semester . The practicals gives them the basic understanding of theoretical aspect that they are learning during the semester period. This helps the students to boost their understanding of a particular subject.

Students are also required to carry out ONE Project / Semester. The main objective of this project work is to develop the hardware development skills apart from learning the testing, assembling and debugging methods. Emphasis is also given to enhance the repairs and maintenance skill of the students.