Department of Sociology

The Department of Sociology is oldest and leading one in Sardar Patel University. Established by eminent Indian Sociologist Dr. N. A. Thoothi, the department was nurtured by Prof. B.V. Shah, A.S. Patel, J.D. Thaker and M.F. Patel who provided abled academic leadership. The Department has adopted new curriculum prescribed by UGC and offers three programmes: M.A. M.Phil. Ph.D. Because of its effective and relevant teaching programmes, department is attracting large no of students in its all three programme. The faculty of department is highly active in teaching, Research and extension work. Department has successfully guided hundreds of students for M.Phil and Ph.D. Degree. Department had obtained and successfully operated UGC Centre for Indian Diaspora and Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Chair in Sardar Patel University. Department has successfully organized several International and national seminars in which eminent Indian Social Scientists and scholars participated. Apart from engaged in research projects the faculty members have brought out several research publications and obtained awards for the same.

Committed to University Slogan “Excellence Matters” Department welcome the students, scholars, researchers, academicians and administrators for their collaboration with the department and thereby their contribution to the development of Sardar Patel University.