• Sardar Patel University, a public University in the state of Gujarat after the iron man Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, has a long standing tradition of commitment to teaching and research in Higher Education. By aggressively competing for various developmental schemes of the government and by support from philanthropists, the University has established strong science Departments like departments of Biosciences (Microbiology, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Zoology, Botany), Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science and Technology (including Bioinformatics), Materials Science (including Nano Science and Nano Technology), Home Science, Mathematics, Statistics and an infant Department of Pharmaceutical Science besides departments in Humanities, Social Sciences, Economics, Business Studies and Management. Two of these departments are recognized as UGC Centers for Advanced Studies; more than ten of them have been inducted as UGC-SAP departments; and a UGC Center of Potential for Excellence in Polymers has been granted. There are six extension centers, including a unique publishing, since last more than twenty years, six research journals; and the faculty has a fairly high rate of research publications in well established quality journals, resulting into recognitions like national and international awards and prizes, visible h-factors and citation numbers, annually winning of several research projects, nominations and fellowships of learned academies. On the basis of the research performance of the University, recently the Department of Science and Technology of the Government of India, has selected Sardar Patel University under prestigious PURSE (Promotion of University Research and Scientific Excellence) Programme granting Rs. 6 crores.
  • Having realized the need for a multidisciplinary approach to studies and research, the university is establishing a Indukaka Ipcowala Center for Interdisciplinary Studies in Science and Technology (IICISST) with a view to promote teaching and research programmes of multidisciplinary nature, in particular, for implementation of PURSE Programme. Under IICISST, the university has a long range vision to develop teaching and research programmes in emerging multidisciplinary areas like Bio-Engineering, Bio-medical devices, Nano Materials and Bio-materials, Advanced Ceramics, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Planetary and Earth Science, Defense Studies, Energy Science, Nonlinear Dynamics and Systems Biology. To begin with, the University intends to sail following academic programmes leading to Master’s Degree after graduation in an appropriate branch in Basic Science and Technology.

  • M.Sc. in the following disciplines:

  1. Biomedical Science
  2. Bioinformatics
  3. Applied Physics
  4. Applied Chemistry
  5. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  6. Defense Science
  7. Earth  Science
  • Besides training research personals, the center would also make special efforts to train personals for research (producing UGC-CSIR-NET-JRFs- a very important need of the hour). Besides teaching and research, the center is expected to be a hub for interdisciplinary activities like discussion meetings, lectures, seminars, symposia and colloquia breaking the barriers. The IICISST is expected to add up a much desired dimension of multidisciplinary approach to teaching and research towards excellence.