Honorable Vice Chancellors of the University

S NoName of Vice ChancellorPhoto of Vice ChancellorDescription & Tenure
1Dr Bhailalbhai D Patel (Shri Bhaikaka)

Sardar Patel University was born with Bhaikaka as the first Vice Chancellor. Bhaikaka as the head of the University for the first two years inspied all who worked with his own unmatched determination.

19-12-1955 to 18-12-1958

2Shri Babubhai J Patel

Even after Bhaikaka the University has been fortunate in its choice of Vice Chancellor, as Shri Babubjai J. Patel, a former Minister of the Bombay State, a man of caliber, in spirit, idea and action.

19-12-1958 to 18-12-1961

3Dr Maganbhai D Patel

The extraordinary leader Shri Babubhai was succeeded by Dr M. D. Patel, a pioneer in the field of Agriculture Research, who had behind him a record of valuable work at university abroad as well as at the Institute of Agriculture, Anand of which he was the Director for number of years.

19-12-1961 to 18-12-1963

4Shri Ishvarbhai J Patel

Shri Ishvarbhai started his career as a volunteer in the Charotar Education Society and later rose to position of Principal of the M B Patel college of Education, a constituent college of the University. During his tenure as a Vice Chancellor, the University expanded its activities in multifold.

16-11-1963 to 24-04-1970

5Shri Rameshbhai S Mehta

Shri Rameshbhai joined the University in 1970 as the Vice Chancellor. He was well-known in engineering circles for his remarkable work in the field of pollution control. He had worked in various capacities in India, before being delegated to Africa on an important assignment by WHO. He had identified himself with progress of the university and has made it to develop in new dimensions.

25-04-1970 to 31-12-1974

S NoName of Vice ChancellorPhoto of Vice ChancellorDescription & Tenure
Shri Ramanbhai D Patel

Shri Ramanbhai joined the University in 1975 as a Vice Chancellor. He had completed Ph.D. in Chemistry. He was lecturer in VP & RPTP Science College. He worked as Head of the Chemistry Department from 1964. Befitting to his contribution to the academic life at the SPU, his students and beloved ones celebrated his first shastipurti in 1977-78.

19-04-1975 to 18-04-1978

Dr Ranchodbhai M Patel

Dr Ranchodbhai joined the University in 1978 as Vice Chancellor. Dr Ranchhodbhai did his B.Sc. (Agri) in the year 1934. In 1951 he obtained MS from Wisconsin University of America and in 1953, he bagged PhD Degree in the subject of Plant Breeding. He served as the Principal in BA college and Campus Director of Anand Agriculture College.

19-04-1978 to 18-04-1981

Shri Krishnalal N Shah
Shri K N Shah joined the University in 1981 as the Vice Chancellor. Professor KN Shah, a Mathematician by profession, exhibited his leadership quality as early as when he became the General Secretary of Students in the Arts Faculty, Vadodara during his graduation. He did Double MA in fifties. Then he joined as Lecturer of Mathematics at J & J Science College, Nadiad. He served as the Head of the Department of Mathematics at St. Xavier’s Science College for about 8 years.

19-04-1981 to 18-04-1987

Dr Kantibhai C Patel

Dr K.C. Patel joined as a Lecture in P.G. Department of Chemistry on 15-06-1962, and served as a professor from 21-06-1976. He had obtained his doctoral degree from Germany in the subject of Chemistry. He became the Vice Chancellor of the University in 1987.

19-04-1987 to 18-04-1990

Dr Dilavarsinh D Jadeja
Dr Jadeja joined this University in 1990. He had completed his Post-graduation in MA and had obtained doctoral degree from The MS University of Baroda. He held various positions of responsibility in a number of academic, cultural and literary bodies of the Vallabh Vidyanagar campus and in Gujarat State. Dr Jadeja took personal interest in the professional academic growth of the faculty.

19-04-1990 to 18-04-1996

S NoName of Vice ChancellorPhoto of Vice ChancellorDescription & Tenure
Dr Vitthalbhai S Patel

Dr Patel joined as Vice Chancellor in 1996. He did his PhD in Chemistry from the Sardar Patel University, He bagged many achievements in his academic career. He received three awards from the Sardar Patel University for the research work.

25-07-1996 to 24-07-2002

Dr Pravinchandra J Patel

Dr Pravinchandra took over as a Vice Chancellor of this university 2002. A professor in Sociology in the MS University, an authority in any discussion and activity of Indian Diaspora. He held many positions in his career. He bagged many Prizes, Awards and Honours. He held memberships of many Professional bodies.

19-02-2002 to 18-09-2005

Dr Bharatkumar G Patel
Dr Bhartkumar assumed charged of the Vice Chancellor from 2007. He completed his Postgraduation in Medical Pharmacology and PhD in Medicine. He joined AR College of Pharmacy & GH Patel Institute of Pharmacy in July 1982 and served there for 22 years in different capacities. Being a senior Dean, he also assumed the post of officiating Vice Chancellor a number of times.

17-12-2007 to 16-05-2010

Dr Harish Padh

Dr Harish Padh was the Vice Chancellor of Sardar Patel University. He joined this University in 2010 as a Vice Chancellor. He assumed charged of Vice Chancellor second time from 2013. His is a well known in the field of Biotechnology in India. His experience in the field of Biotechnology and his caliber for institution building has landed him in several advisory roles. Dr Padh has been advisor to several organizations like NIPER Ahmedabad and PERD Center, Ahmedabad on Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology matters. He has bagged many awards in his career.

01-07-2010 to 30-06-2013

Second Term 01-08-2013 TO 30-07-2016