From the Desk of the Head

Welcome to the  Post Graduate Department of Electronics at Sardar Patel University.

The P.G.Department of Electronics, also known as the Pramukh Swami Institute of Electronic Science, is a unique Department unlike the conventional Science Departments of any University system. One may think of the Department of Electronics as a kind of a typical Applied Science Department. Not really so! The Department of Electronic Science aims at the synthesis of Science, Engineering and Technological aspects of Electronics. We all know that the on going bewildering transformation of quality of our lives is due to the recent phenomenal growth in Electronics, Information / Communication Technology and Technological convergence. Many a super-smart electronic gizmo is hitting the market every day which, hitherto, used to appear in Science fiction only. Smaller and more complex electronic devices are replacing the bigger ones. The conventional Silicon Electronics may go bust with time and soon be replaced by Nano-Electronics where different laws of Science (Electronic Science!) coupled with the Engineering aspects might come in to play. All these developments are due to the never-ending combined efforts of researchers, engineers, innovators etc. from diverse disciplines. The scientific as well as technological intricacies behind the realization of these devices & systems are enormous and call for the services of ‘Sci-gineers’ (the next generation of Scientific Engineers!).

Thus, as never before, a situation has arisen where a strong scientific manpower with technical background is needed to meet the growing challenges in the filed of Electronics for its Research, Development and Applications. It is the mission of the Department of Electronic Science to educate and generate the next generation of innovators. To achieve this, our energies are directed towards blending a sound understanding of fundamental Science, Engineering and Technological aspects of Electronics. The Electronic Science curriculum of the Department is accordingly designed and being implemented. In addition, the Department also realizes that in today’s frenetically competitive market world, the students need to be confident, organized, multi-skilled and flexible individuals apart from being imparted training in Electronic Science. The students receive training of a different kind through fusion of Science and Engineering skills of Electronics in this Department of a different kind.

Department of Electronics