Feedback & Helpdesk

Feedback & Helpdesk

Feedback of M. Sc. Students is taken in seven different type of forms. Studentsí response is collected for improving academic environment in the department and effectiveness of teachers on various parameters suggested by UGC and NAAC. The results of the feedback are shared with the concerned faculty(as applicable) and also discussed among the faculty for affecting necessary changes.

Anti-Ragging Committee

Women Cell

Dr. B.H. Patel (C)

98244 13820

Dr. B.H. Patel (C)

98244 13820

Dr. Sunil S. Patel

94286 60765

Dr. Sahera S. Patel

99249 38076

Mr. D.B.Dave

94278 57995

Ms. Anupama

Student (Sr. Class)

Mr. P.B.Patel

94263 94349

Ms. Feby Sam

Student (Jr.Class)