Sophisticated Instruments


The Pulse Laser Deposition System with a LASER source (COMpex PRO Excimer LASER – Energy 400mJ) capable for stoichiometric transfer of multi-element compounds from a single/multi target to the substrate i.e., the chemical composition of complex materials can be reproduced nearly unchanged in the deposited films. 


High Vacuum coating unit (HindHi-Vac 12A4D Model) Achievable vacuum level : 1X10-5 mbar (liquid nitrogen trap) Substrate cleaning by DC glow, Preparation of thin films of metals / semiconductors by Thermal/ Flash/ Electron Beam evaporation technique.

3dcsputtering.jpgDC Sputtering System for metal coatings with 10-3 mbar pressure in presence of argon gas.
4rotary_tube.jpgThe Rotary Tube Furnace offers advantages over static or batch processes because material flows freely through a sloping, heated rotating tube where it is tumbled constantly, causing uniform heat treatment of every particle. The rotation speed may be varied to provide a wide range of material throughput rates.

Horizontal Tube Furnace

> Temperature 1500C (Max.) Two Zone Furnace, Ceramic Tube, Accuracy of Temperature Controller 0 .01C

Micro-controller based Double Beam

> Graphic LCD

> Automatic source optimization, Base line calibration & Cell optimization

> 200 – 1100 nm Range

 > 2.0 nm Bandwidth

 > %T, Abs, Conc. (K factor, Multi standard), Multi component measuring modes

 > Single Wavelength, Multi Wavelength, Scan & Time Scan operating modes

PCB Prototype Machine - Nvis 72


This PCB design machine provides several features with new electro-mechanical utility, which escapes chemical etching and manually drilling processes and can print desired circuit on the PCB within minutes. Accompanied design software provides simple and elegant interface which is user-friendly.

Edifice & Equipments

The Edifice
  • Class Rooms – 2
  • M.Sc. Laboratories – 7
  • Research Laboratory – 1
  • Instrument Room – 1
  • Etching Room / Dark Room –1
  • Store Room – 1
  • Library – 1
  • Auditorium - 1
  • Cabins : 2
  • Office – 1
  • Staff rooms including room of Head of the Department – 6
  • Staff cabins attached to laboratories-3
  • Computer Room – 1
  • Water Room – 1
  • WC –8
The Equipment
Pulse Laser Depostion System (Excimer Laser-Coherent GmbH Make)
• Hind High Vac. Make 15” Vacuum Coating Unit Model 12A4D with Electron Beam Gun – 3KW (03 Nos.)
• DC Sputtering System (Mansha Vacuum)
• High Temperature Rotary Tube Furnace (Naskar Make)
• High Temperature Tube Furnace (Naskar Make)
• Electrometer (Model: 6517B, Keithley Make)
• Nano VoltMeter (Keithley Make)
• Source Meter (Model: 2602A, Keithley Make)
• Digital Micro Balance (Sartorious Make)
• Double Beam UV-Visible Spectrophotometer (Systronics Make)
• Multi Channel ISE/Ph/mV/ORT/Temp Bench Top Meter (Orion Make)
• Laminar Flow work Station (Kirloskar Make)
• Digital Communication Training Kit (Falcon Make)
• Design Lab (Scientech Make) 04Nos.
• Solar Photovoltic Tranning Kit (Ecosens Make)
• Fiber Optic communication System (Benchmark Make) 2 - Nos.
• Digital Communication System (Feedback Make) 1 No.
• Digital Image Processing Hardware & Software (Colour CCD Camera, Color Frame Grabber                     Card,etc.)
• Computer Systems (85 Nos.),
• UPS (APC Make) 50Nos.
• Laser Printer (HP Make) 10 Nos.
• Multimedia Projector (Sony Make) 04Nos.
• VLSI Designing Trainers (Cadence Software)
• Universal Chip scope & Xilinx ISE Software, with Demo Baords 
• Spectrum Analyzers, Logic State Analyzer
• PCB Designing Facility
• Handy Scope, Programmable Power Meter,
• Logic Analyzer, LCR Meter
• Function Generator, Oscilloscope


No. of Books     :    2480
National Journals / Magazines
  1. .Electro Elektor
  2. .Electronics For You
  3. .PC Quest
  4. Electronics Today
  5. Prajna
  6. Bulletin of Materials Science
  7. Journal of Instrument Society of India
  8. Telemetic India
  9. Science Reporter
  10. Computer & Communication
International / Magazines
  1. Sensors and Actuators : A & B
  2. Current Contents (Floppy + Books)
  3. Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics
  4. Semiconductor Science and Technology
  5. Electronics Letters
  1. Institute for Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering
  2. Indian Society for Technical Education
  3. Indian Physics Association Magazine
  4. Sheel Shrutam- A Sardar Patel University News Letter
  5. Instrument and Electronics
  6. Instrument and Electronic Development